Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Cool Facts: Must-Know Basics of Commercial Refrigeration in Cairns

These days, commercial establishments or businesses in Cairns that mainly handle and utilize produce, medicine, or other raw materials cannot operate without a reliable refrigeration system installed by leading Cairns refrigeration experts such as All About Air. These cooling technologies are critical for the proper storage and preservation of perishable items, particularly in the food handling industry. Other than preventing food spoilage, commercial refrigerators are necessary to preserve the quality, appeal, and freshness of a wide variety of items. In restaurants and similar establishments, refrigeration systems minimize food wastage, which equate to less financial losses or expenditures, and increase the quality of food being served. Without refrigerators, customers will most likely have to munch on a “fresh” green salad with soggy lettuce leaves or make do with a cup of lukewarm yogurt.


Sunday, December 22, 2013

Cairns Air Conditioning Company Donates Unit to Yaps Animal Shelter

Just in time for this hot season, All About Air installed a 12,000 BTU air conditioner at the Young Animal Protection Society, or Yaps Animal Refuge Shelter. A trusted provider of quality air conditioning in Cairns, the company decided to donate and install the unit to help keep the Yaps team comfortable as they try to house rescued dogs and cats. The company’s certified professionals went to the Yaps office on McGregor road last October to install the unit. The technicians were careful to comply with all the specifications required in the installation to ensure the unit will perform to its maximum capacity. Thanks to All About Air's extensive installation experience and technical competence, the Yaps staff are assured of having both a well-functioning and cost-effective cooling system.


Friday, December 20, 2013

Proper Refrigeration in Cairns Important to Meet Health Goals

In the event that the chiller is not working properly, storing food at the right time may not be as effective. Cairns refrigeration repair companies such as All About Air can provide scheduled maintenance services to households who want to make sure their refrigerators are running adequately, and can continue to meet their food storage requirements. Restaurants and other establishments with refrigeration in Cairns, who serve food items with little to no preservatives, should also get expert help. Whether they need maintenance for existing systems or would like a bigger set-up to allow for improved air circulation, working with a professional will help ensure the appliances can preserve the quality and safety of the fresh ingredients they work with.


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How Air Conditioning in Cairns Can Help Students Do Better in Class

Studies have shown that when a room’s temperature is too warm or too cold, students tend to perform poorly, particularly when the activity requires them to concentrate. The more adequate the temperature control, the better a student does in remaining attentive. The presence of proper air conditioning also allows for doors and windows to remain shut, keeping external sound and other distractions at a minimum. Schools, as well as businesses and industrial facilities that provide training or learning programs to their employees, can look to Cairns air conditioning companies like All About Air to help improve comfort and air quality in their chosen learning environments. The same can be done in homes by parents looking to make studying at home easier and less distracting for their children.