Saturday, March 15, 2014

Tips for Commercial Refrigeration in Cairns: Restaurant Food Storage

Having a reliable means of refrigeration in Cairns should help assure the food industry that all perishables are stored properly and safely, in accordance with government food safety regulations. Nevertheless, having a dependable commercial fridge from companies like All About Air is just half the battle – every kitchen employee in the restaurant or food business should have a working knowledge of proper handling, packaging, and storing of various food items.

Off the Floor

Health inspectors recommend that every storage area should mount at least six inches off the floor. Floor that is as busy as a restaurant’s kitchen is riddled with innumerable bacteria, microbes, and other particles that will, in turn, invite other pests to contaminate the food in the room. Health inspectors like it when you go above the minimum, say, 12 inches above the floor—the better and safer for everyone.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Facts on Air Conditioning in Cairns: Sizing up for the Right AC Type

AC Cooling Problems

If you have an AC that’s too small for the room it’s working on, it will expend a lot of energy just to get the temperature right, that is, if the AC’s cooling capacity can get to the level where it can stabilize in the first place. Now the reason why people aren’t saying bigger is better when it comes to AC is because the larger the unit’s BTU for the room it is trying to cool, the quicker it cycles on and off, and this could wear the unit down.

Measurements: Volume

Now for the math part: calculate your BTU needs first by getting the total volume of the room where the AC will be installed. Measure its length, width and height, then multiply the three numbers to arrive at the volume. This figure represents the total area that your new AC will have to cool.