Thursday, November 13, 2014

Farm Fruit Refrigeration in Cairns: Keeping Produce Cold and Fresh

Fruit sellers in the Cairns Regional Area of Queensland may take this to heart. Although some people say fruit farming is a niche offering in the region’s tourism industry, you can have your daily fruit fix at several markets in Cairns along with other food items. When you’re running a fruit business with a modest-sized storage facility and are concerned about crop spoilage due to factors like heat, a company specialising at refrigeration in Cairns such as All About Air has the solutions you need. Facility Evaluation Better storage refrigeration options for your produce begins with checking out the overall condition of your storage facility. The NSW Farmers article recommends reviewing components such as the refrigeration machinery, the lighting, seals and insulation, and the energy usage.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Preparing the Air Conditioning in Cairns for the Searing Temperatures

The town may be deep in the outback across the country, but even residents of Cairns, Queensland will take such dangers seriously. A rather unusual heatwave in the state earlier this 2014 had the Bureau of Meteorology pegging temperatures nearing 50 degrees Celsius due to hot air masses. Australians will also remember the heatwave that brought much panic in the country “like a furnace” in January, 1896. High temperatures have their way of affecting body functions despite continued hydration. If you’re thinking ahead about better cooling your home as the calendar winds down, make it happen through Cairns air conditioning professionals like those from All About Air.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Food Refrigeration in Cairns Can Be a Little Trickier than You Think

A lot of homeowners in Cairns may think that preserving food is no more than setting the refrigerator to a right temperature. It turns out refrigeration is a little more complex and requires understanding of humidity level in each of the compartments and bins of a refrigerator. Storing food randomly may lead to inefficient preservation regardless of the degree of cool the refrigerator provides. Simply put, the different divisions in a fridge are there for a reason. Each is intended for the right type of product because each product reacts differently to humidity level. It’s the humidity that determines the rate at which a certain product will be spoiled as it prompts the growth of pathogens. Food that are placed in the wrong bin may rot faster, which according to some studies account for some 470 lbs of food ending up in the trash every year due to spoilage.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Keep Cool and Help the Environment through Air Conditioning in Cairns

The potential for energy savings from an inverter or non-inverter air conditioning system can pique your interest. Wright states that his recent bills showed 90% less energy use for heating. Combined with the solar power units, there was an opening for 100%. Installing a new AC at your home through Cairns air conditioning providers like All About Air are a good platform to consider if you are looking to beat the heat like what Wright did. Considering Australia’s efforts to implement more renewable energy solutions, you have potential savings waiting to be take advantage of.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Authorities Urge Proper Cairns Refrigeration to Curb Food Poisoning

"Cairns refrigeration systems for food storage should have a temperature of no more than 5o C (-15o C for freezers), according to Queensland Health. Beyond this range, it only takes two hours for bacteria to multiply. Among other things, consumers must be on alert for deadly salmonella, E. coli 0157, and campylobacter bacteria. These bacteria thrive in temperatures between 5 o C and 60o C. In just one night, a bacteria colony can number by the billions. Extreme cold prevents them from multiplying any further and even kills them in some cases. Extreme heat, as when cooking or reheating the food, can kill the entire colony."

Monday, August 11, 2014

Cairns Air Conditioning Maintenance: A Must Amid Failing Air Quality

"Like conventional filters, active carbon filters eventually need to be replaced even if they can hold more of the dirty stuff due to their large surface area. The rule of thumb is to change regular air filters every 30 to 90 days, depending on whether or not you have pets at home. You may want to wait a bit longer if your air conditioner has an active carbon filter. For the best results, you might want to call upon an air conditioning expert like All About Air to take a closer look at your Cairns air conditioners. Trained technicians can strip units down for a thorough inspection and a more accurate assessment."

Friday, July 25, 2014

Ensure Your Food is Fresh and Safe with Proper Refrigeration in Cairns

Cairns cooling specialists, such as All About Air, can help in selecting the right refrigeration system for your needs. The highest priority is to choose the right size and configuration for your purpose and space. Measure the spot where your refrigerator shall be placed, and take note of any obstacles in the way, such as a kitchen counter or a wall. Consider your food buying habits, as well; if you purchase a lot of frozen foods, select one with a large freezer; if you’re big on fresh foods, you’ll need a fridge that is easily accessible. Additionally, while refrigerators are tough appliances, they can still break down from constant and improper use. With excellent Cairns refrigeration repair services available, as well as in the surrounding areas, you can be assured the purchase or replacement of units or parts can get things fixed up right away without having to worry about food storage.