Sunday, September 14, 2014

Food Refrigeration in Cairns Can Be a Little Trickier than You Think

A lot of homeowners in Cairns may think that preserving food is no more than setting the refrigerator to a right temperature. It turns out refrigeration is a little more complex and requires understanding of humidity level in each of the compartments and bins of a refrigerator. Storing food randomly may lead to inefficient preservation regardless of the degree of cool the refrigerator provides. Simply put, the different divisions in a fridge are there for a reason. Each is intended for the right type of product because each product reacts differently to humidity level. It’s the humidity that determines the rate at which a certain product will be spoiled as it prompts the growth of pathogens. Food that are placed in the wrong bin may rot faster, which according to some studies account for some 470 lbs of food ending up in the trash every year due to spoilage.

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